Why is robotzoo in Sydney?

To do the chores, and clean the floors, windows, pools and lawns.

There are nearly 200 postcodes across greater Sydney, and the street network covers around 30,000 roads, from Bondi to the Blue Mountains, Berowra to Bundeena. 

By 2021, we estimate there are close to 5 million residents in Sydney, across some 1.7 million residences. More than half of these are houses. Researchers say that 15% of dwellings in NSW have a swimming pool. We guess that adds up to about 175,000 swimming pools across greater Sydney. 

There are a lot of lawns to mow as well. We think nearly half a million! And robotzoo has a great value solution for maintaining almost every lawn and every pool. 

If you live in Sydney, can you spot your suburb below?

Stop The Presses!

Coupon Codes for Sydney.

If you live in the Sydney region, and you made it to this page, write down the following coupon codes for mowers and pool cleaners on our ecommerce site. 

Use These Coupon Codes:


What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores like maintaining floors, windows, pools and lawns. There’s a robot for almost every chore.
And you can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like us to assess the suitability of your pool or lawn for our devices, please just fill out the enquiry form below. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us on 1 3000 ROBOT. (1 3000 76268)
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